Get Peacefully, Deeply Connected

At Rockhill Counseling, we work to see people peacefully and deeply connected to themselves and others.  We provide effective counseling services to children and adults using a variety of methods including Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. We do this in a calm, natural environment, partnering with our clients, our animals, and our God for health and healing.

We have counselors who specialize in trauma, children, families, addictions, sexual behavior problems, couples and mood disorders. While the counselors at Rockhill are followers of Jesus, people of all beliefs are welcome and will be respected without judgement.


Calm, Natural Environment

We are located on a farm in Aubrey, Texas. We have inside, climate controlled offices as well as the opportunity to walk, swing, or sit in nature or interact with animals. 


Contact Us
Cathy – (940) 391-7760
Chris – (972) 822-8338
Hailey– (940) 391-5657
Dianna– (469) 968-3569
Melanie- (940)-367-3042
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