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Our Counselors

Our counselors specialize in trauma recovery, relationship issues, anxiety and depression, behavior problems, addictions, and thought disorders for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. 

Kelsey (2).jpg

Kelsey Poskey

LPC (#81177)

Everyone goes through hardships at times, and it’s vital to have someone by your side – whether that’s God, family, friends, or a counselor. At Rockhill, you will have the opportunity to find healing relationships with our animals, myself, and most importantly, with God. I have worked with youth in Equine Assisted Therapy, crisis prevention, teambuilding, and talk therapy. I also have training in play therapy and parent-child relationship therapy. While I mostly work with children and adolescents, I also work with people in all stages of life. I offer traditional talk therapy, equine-assisted therapy, and faith-based counseling.
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